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I am pleased to announce I have recived a Premeir Grant from the Staten island Arts, along with the Dept. of cultural affairs. The project “Climate Change Aint Nothing To Mess With” is a public art Installations that take place over the course of one month on a busy corridor of Castleton Ave. Cody Prez, along with youth participants from local communities transform a 2 story high wall into thought provoking & inspiring public art piece. This 2000 square foot, larger than life mural will enhance the aesthetic of #ArtistAlleySI , an outdoor public art space along a thriving commercial corridor in West Brighton. For more information, please visit  https://www.richmondhood.com/climate-change-by-cody-prez/ , and also please take the time out to fill out our survey.

Climate change is effecting us all wether you believe in it or not. Just take notice to the seasonal changes, along with weather patterns which have become quite bipolar. It is hard to tell how to dress day by day, when to start your crop, and how the suns UV light on earth has drastically increased just over the past 30 years alone causing higher radiation levels in our atmosphere which in turn trickels down to everything on earth as we know.


Climate changes have potentially increades drastically for numerous reasons, so me natural, some partially caused by the rise in human consumption and the need for more production of products to sustain our appetites, along with our consumerism. If we dont take notice to the small things we as a people do donate to the cause of the problem, we as a people will end up paying the biggest price humans have ever seen and expierienced. Its simply not if,its when.


- There are more green house gases in our atmosphere today, then any time in human history, which in turn can cause the earth to warm by 6 degrees by the end of the century.

-Global flooding can potientially triple by the end of year 2030

-The ocean in its present day is more acidic than before the boom of the industrial revolution, dating back to about 300,000 years.

-The Australian Great barrier reef is almost completley destroyed due the the death of the algae caused by high water tempatures.

-Sea levels are rising at an alarming rate, the fastest on record in the last 2000 years, primarily by added water of melted ice sheets.

-Tempatures are breaking new records yearly around the world, as of March 2018 it was one of the 6 hottest on record.

-There is no scientific debate about climate change as 98% of studies have agreed the same conclusion.

-As human consumption outweights production yearly, by almost double the worlds population continues to grow which adds to the global emergency we're facing.


Let us all be more conscious to protect our mother earth who gives us life, just like we would protect our own mothers who gave us birth. Protection for the planet and our future is imperative, so lets look at the earths health risk as if we were trying to protect our own loved ones. Take the time out to educate further, and as a collective we can help slow the illness we're creating to our own provider of life. 





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